Everything that I will need or that goes through my mind before the W week ... Burning Man, here I come !


1 . Thigh Bag Steampunk Style

I'll need to move around and to keep stuffs that won't fall !

2 . Protecting Mask for Sandstorms

Looks wicked and allows easy breathing in case of massive storms

3 . Base Of My Vehicle

I will build a bottle with a tricycle base this is the base layout I will need. Might use bamboo instead, it is more flexible and stable

4 . Green Fairy Costume

My vehicle will be an Absynthe bottle so I will be the Green Fairy!

Oh my Globe ! I just found this one on Pinterest, I am definitely going to do a green version of it ! People have the best ideas ... I will be the greeniest and floweriest fairy of all !

6 . Steampunk WATER Gun

Water is scarce in the desert, so if someone (or myself) need some splashing in the face ... boom here you go!

5 . Protective glasses

When sand will be all over the place, my eyes won't be !

6 . Fluff Jacket

At night in the desert, it can be REALLY cold, so i need all the fluff possible to be safe !

7 . Another protective mask

Because I love sparkling items! What else in Festivals after all. Truly thinking to do this one myself, if you have any tips ... send me a shout here: TWITTER

8 . Nature Headband

I am the green fairy after all! Also, I've been thinking that in the desert for 7 days, it might be hard to keep the hairstyle tight ... So I am going to have a lot of those ! Keep in mind people all of my outfits will be green ! I'm planning a lot of crafting for the next few months ...

9 . Solid Shoes

So, we've stated that desert weather is not the most friendly of all... So I do need solid post-apocalyptic shoes! Also, I am going to get on other adventures during my road trip: from Vancouver to the Grand Canyon or Yosemite ... plenty of rash environments to explore, I will need bangin' boots!

More ideas on my Pinterest Board!

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